Friday, November 20, 2009

KISS last night....

I took my son to see KISS last night for his birthday. It was a great show! I did not take videos and wish I would have "snuck" a went like this..."you don't have anything in that bag do you baby?"....that was it...he didn't even look. All I had was my cruddy phone cam. I really wish I would have brought my cam it takes sweet video. The same kind of thing when I went to see Jay-Z/N.E.R.D/Rhianna a few weeks a go in just passed us straight through, but would stop some people and jack them up.

Most concerts really don't care anymore if you bring a cam because they like the circulation and possibly new fans that might come from seeing them. KISS tapes each show live and you can buy it for $30 when you head out the door, so their tickets were clearly marked NO CAMS, VIDEO CAMS, RECORDING devises of any kind allowed...and so I actually obeyed the rule....well minus the crap cam on my phone.

TShirts were great...varied from $20 up to hoodies $65....that is SO CHEAP which is son and I both got a T of our choice. Buckcherry opened and they were hot hot. KISS put on a theatrical, booming show. Gene Simmons flew in the air, of course he had to do the bloody tongue :P...loved when he blew fire...sweet! There was a great drum solo, and also a great guitar solo. Paul Stanley was definitely "feeling himself" lol....when cam would go on him he take advantage of that time to show us a booty shake lol.

I loved the show, it was a great night and it was fun watching my now 10 year old son rock out to KISS. I have to say the crowd was amazing too, every age was present and we were lucky enough to sit with a foursome of party animal dudes that kept us laughing and were really courteous to my son and I.

I wore black dickie shorts a white T with a black cardigan and black and white obviously intoxicated guy pointed at me and yelled "AC/DC hells yeah!" took me a few minutes to figure out why he said that haha...all in the outfit...and totally by accident. He's some of the few crud pictures I took.

Gene Simmons standing on top of the screen

Waiting for KISS
My son Devin w/KISS tour bus


  1. I remember going out and buying my son their first album when he was a teenager...You make me feel like I have now come full circle..LOL

  2. Growing up I loved reading Fantasy novels and listening to hard rock. Then I found KISS which to me was a combination of both loves. Still a fan all these years.

  3. @Baroness...I can relate to eldest is 20, I have a lot of those moments :)

    @Miles What a great combo :)


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