Friday, September 25, 2009

Tuesday was *GASP* my daughter's 20th birthday...

I can hardly believe I have a 20 year old daughter...but I do!
She recently moved back home after venturing out and
learning what a cruel world it really is (lol)
We celebrated with fruit basket cake which she picked with Hannah Montana
decor (20...really 20) and I made her favorite dinner of Beef Stroganoff.

Later in the evening we ventured out to see The Killers perform @ Arco Arena
and they were just amazing.
I got a lot of video of the band...most of my pics came out terribly
You can see all of the videos I took HERE but here's a taste....

If you really want to laugh you must see this video of the accidental pre-show
I call him "The guy in the red shirt" la la la love him

You can see the multiple videos of his "performance" HERE


  1. Sounds like a great evening..sometimes I wish my daughter was twenty again, instead of grandkids that age...

  2. I thought I was so smart by not having kids, then none of them would turn 20. Now I'm just an old dude without kids-lol.

    Happy B-day to her!


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