Saturday, September 5, 2009

"State Employee and Proud Of It" yard signs popping up everywhere...

In my neighborhood I have seen these signs proudly displayed on lawns...expressing the need for Governor Shwarzenegger to keep his word to State employees. I like the idea, it's also a show of unity of those of us who are being furloughed and whose voices seem to not be heard.
Honestly I think that State workers were targeted because they make up
only 20% of the state...and the other 80% is so relieved they could care less
what happens as long as it does not affect their incomes, lives, families and so on.
Smart move Governor, piss off 20% and keep that 80% semi-happy
for now, at least.
You can order a free sign here:


  1. It is the same here for State Employees especially those in Higher Education...I just had my position cut after nine but then there is not I can do about it...I just hate the phrase State Budget Cuts...Ya try trimming some of the upper positions...We have so many Deans and Vice Presidents at the college I worked for...God forbid people making 6 figures should have there jobs's those of us that actually work with the students and keep the work flowing....I think State employess..especially the lowly ones are scape goats for alot of miss management..It's the same in all states...

  2. Amen to are so right!


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