Monday, June 8, 2009

Apple dropping new products and prices on some existing products

Apple dropped the price of it's least expensive iPhone to $99.00
and has also cut prices on MacBook Pro laptops.
If you have been waiting to buy, now is the time!
Apple is introducing new iPhones that include features such as a video camera, a compass, and auto-focus function on photos. Prices range from $199-$299 starting June 19th.


  1. I wish Apple would drop the price on the Imac. That's what I'm drooling over!

  2. I have an IMac and still learning about all it has to offer....what really blows my mind is HOW SIMPLE it is to use, after PC's it feels so unusual. I still use my raggedy old laptop because it's so easy to lug around wherever I go.


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