Friday, May 29, 2009

Laundry Detergent Heist

Sooooooo I just went to the store....I was walking in as 2 guys stealing laundry detergent were heading out....they jumped into a waiting Honda with no license plate and sped off.

The poor checker closest to the exit did his best to chase them but the Honda was ready and waiting. This is a high end grocer, in a nice neighborhood....things are getting tough everywhere here. Laundry detergent, I mean...they must be stealing it for need...not to re sell. That's so saddening.

I don' t think I would risk jail for laundry detergent. People are getting desperate here in Cali....and it is only getting worse :( I'm really glad it was laundry detergent they were after and that they weren't doing an armed robbery.

The state of California is crumbling.
The future scares me.
More cuts coming from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger directly from our pockets...our paychecks.
In my home we have already lost 10% of our household income
and now he is proposing another 5% which will almost surely happen.
I don't get his me this means less money circulating from consumers...less people able to pay bills and mortgages....less people able to afford detergent (ack!) how will this ultimately help California?

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