Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ItsEasyToWin Live Game Info for tonight

Our next Live Game Show will air tonight April 14th@ 9pm(EST), at www.itseasytowin.com



Our State Your Case game tonight will have eight players competing for $4,000 in cash. The first member selected tonight will be playing for $1,000 and guaranteed to win at least $25.

On tonight's show we will also give one lucky person the chance to "Scratch and Win" for $1,000,000 and we will also announce tonight ten members names to win $10.00 each. You must be watching to see if your name was called to win.

Please support our site by telling your friends about www.itseasytowin.com and remember, if your friends win so do you.

If you're new to Itseasytowin.com and want to play our online Bingo game, please mail us a self address stamped envelope to IETW - Po Box 600586 - Newton, Ma 02460-0006 to get a free Bingo card for April, May and June.

We look forward to seeing you all tonight and remember if you don't watch you can't win.

See you tonight.

Eric, Tony, Andrew, A.V.I., Mark, and Victoria

Today's Phrase/Word: Tell the world about Itseasytowin.com - If you're the first person to use the phrase of the day during our live show you will win $10.00.

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