Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ItsEasyToWin Live Game Tonight

Here's the MEMO:

Our next show will air tonight February 17th at 9pm (EST), at www.itseasytowin.com


Please join our Facebook page. You can find us under www.itseasytowin.com and also start to follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/itseasytowin. If you're picked tonight and you're the first person to tell me the word of the day which is found on our Facebook Wall, Twitter and below, you will win $15. THE WORD WILL BE POSTED Today. You must use the word in a sentence.

Our State Your Case game tonight will have eight players competing for $4,000 in cash. The first member selected tonight will be playing for $1,000.

Also on tonight's show we will be giving one lucky person the chance to "Scratch and Win" for $1,000,000 in our bonus game. Yes you heard me right, ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!

We will also announce tonight FOUR members names to win $10.00 each. You must be watching to see if your name was called to win.

Don't forget to play our online scratch and win game. We have another great trip to the Radisson in Aruba to be won this month. We will also have a live game this month where we give-away a 4 night stay to the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort.

Our Bingo game has started and if you want to participate in our new MARCH game, you must mail us a self address stamped envelope to IETW - Po Box 600586 - Newton, Ma 02460-0006. ALL 8 WINNERS HAVE BEEN WON THIS MONTH BUT WE ARE NOW PLAYING FILL THE CARD FOR $100 TO THE FIRST PERSON WHO FILLS THEIR CARD.

Please support our site by telling your friends about www.itseasytowin.com and remember, if your friends win so do you.

In late February we will be having a special guest Justin Kredible who won Entertainer of the Year for the second straight year and has appeared on the Rachel Ray show recently.

On his show we will be doing the biggest Live Game in the History of the Internet.

We look forward to seeing you all tonight.

Eric, Tony, Andrew, A.V.I., Mark, and Victoria

Today's Word: Aruba
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuZRYa23wIg Clip from Last Show

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