Friday, February 6, 2009

Heat for 2 minutes

Today I was randomly thinking (which can be dangerous) did we survive before microwaves?

I remember my mom getting her first microwave...I was about 13 years old.
I watched amazed as she scrambled an egg in a bowl with a dab of butter and nuked it.
That amazing machine heated many a burrito, baked potato, you name it...we nuked it!

With the way schedules are in my home...a grown daughter of 19 in college, a teen daughter of 15 in high school, a 9 year old son in elementary school...and can't leave out the husband
(I will spare him and won't post his age)
I really don't know how we would cope without a microwave.
I honestly do think we would lose weight...without that convenient heat up, we would most likely pass on at least some things we would have eaten.
I also can't imagine how we would survive without one....
everyone is on the run all day long.

Microwaves are pretty darn incredible....

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  1. Of course we didn't have that lovely machine when I was raising kids..darn. My daughter has never been without one since she married. I was talking to her one day and she told me the microwave was out of commission..had to get a new one. But since she lives in the country it would have to wait till her next trip to down for shopping. Then she said she had alittle trouble fixing dinner the night before...didn't know how she was going to heat the veggies. I just laughed at her and told her the way I use to have to do a saucepan DUH. I laughed and she called me a name...I still laughed.


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