Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good morning....or is it?

4am wake up to hubby gagging while brushing his teeth
this man has serious gag reflex issues
6am alarm goes off
I lay there thinking...a few more minutes
7am I wake up and panic
20 minutes to get 3 of us ready
I thank goodness for gogurt and making my kids shower last night
725 running 5 mins late outside in the driveway
greeted by a frozen windshield and frozen key lock
passenger lock not frozen!
unlock passenger side
alarm goes off, lights start flashing, good morning neighbors!
can't shut it off
get in car turn on ignition....ignition killed
oh joy.
scrape ice off windshield
5 minutes later...car thaws...alarm turns off...engine works
drive like maniac
amazingly get both kids to school on time
driving home
dreaming of hot coffee
notice something crossing in front of my car
i slow
let the chicken cross the road
pull into my driveway
get out of the car
stare at chicken in my neighbors yard
yes I am really seeing this
run into the house straight to coffee maker
sipping coffee now
this is my life
my eldest daughter just woke up singing "Disturbia"

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