Saturday, February 14, 2009

<3 Good Week

This week was really good...

My son got his green belt in karate,
we took some great video and pictures
we also made this goofy video
with his "bloopers" from practice time
before the awards ceremony

My mom had a health scare
was notified this week that all is good
in this case a negative test was a darn good thing
Thank heavens

My daughter Andrea surprised me with a cupcake...
She knows the way to my heart lol

My husband has been ill with the flu,
but still managed to order Valentines dinner
and go pick it up from Texas Roadhouse
Our 20th wedding anniversary is this Monday
I'm hoping he's all better by then
I made this heart shaped cake for the family
Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting

Oh, I almost forgot...I won this great purse
and received it days after being notified
(Thank You Madberries!)

Hope you all had a great week and a very special Valentines!

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