Saturday, January 17, 2009

My newest tattoo

I hadn't posted this before because I got sick with the flu pretty much immediately after having it done.
My birthday was Dec of my birthday wish list gifts was a new tattoo.
I wanted a shamrock to show my Irish pride.
I was born in Dublin, Ireland and am an Irish citizen, just sort of misplaced in California
(love will do that)
I got it done December 30th, this pic was taken December 31st.
I really, really, really love it.

The artist is Jan Hill. Jan was fantastic and I'm so glad he was the one to do my work.
He has some great pictures of other work @ Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor


  1. Beautiful Shamrock, and yes the artist did a fantastic job. Only wish I could get one....oh well will just have to admire other's.

  2. I really like it. I love that it not only looks great but represents something important to you. Most people who don't have ink don't get that part.


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