Saturday, October 25, 2008

My family loves books! I'm so pleased to have won this autographed copy of "My Little Sailboat" it is such a darling book.

Book Description

Alice Palace is writing, illustrating, and publishing a 10 book children's series about a little boy named Marvin. Marvin is in his cabin loft late at night, and he really should be sleeping. Instead, he dreams about playing with his wildlife friends. Each book ends with Little Marvin, and his wildlife friends all going to sleep in his bedroom. The parents can then say, "Marvin is going to sleep, and so are you!"

Alice Palace has completed 5 books in the Little Marvin adventures. Alice is publishing Marvin's 6th adventure, My Little Sawtooth Mountain, in May 2009. Marvin is climbing up the mountain to see what he can see.

My Little Sailboat is very special to Alice. She dedicated this book to her Mom and Dad. They are 89 years young, and live in Sarasota, Florida. Sisters, Nancy, Mary and Alice sailed as children on Pleasant Lake in Annandale, Minnesota. Dad and Mom built the family sailboats pictured on the back cover of the My Little Sailboat book. The sisters are forever grateful to their parents for this wonderful sailing adventure.

Alice Palace started Bearpaw Books at age 50. It was probably a mid-life crises situation. Sister Mary, came on board as her Sales Representative. Carrie Smeby is Alice's computer specialist. She does all of the colorization in the Bearpaw Book series. Marvin Thibodeau (who Little Marvin is named after) is Bearpaw Book's Shipping and Receiving Manager. When Marvin is asked about "Little Marvin" he says, "Well, I've changed a lot!"

My Little Sawtooth Mountain, and My Little Christmas Wish will be available in 2009 and 2010.

Let's see, Let's see, what will Little Marvin be?

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